5 ways to arrange your living room...smartly

5 Ways To Arrange Your Living Room....Smartly..
Living rooms Are as a mater of fact the most lived in room... So this area needs good attention when it comes to decorating and arranging.

1. Focus On The Flow Of The Room:
Your Furniture in the #livingroom should be Arranged keeping in mind the entry and exit points
of the room.

If there are more than one entry in the room then assure that the furniture is arranged
in such a fashion that the mobility in the room happens to be smooth between both the entry
and exit points of the room.

I there is only one entry point then arrange the #furniture after keeping the entry point free from
hindrance and disturbance.  

This Way you can keep the traffic pattern sensible and accessible for the best use of  Space.


2. Be Clear on the Function of the room: 
   What purpose do you want your living room to serve?

   Watch #Television?

   Or Relaxing With #Friends?

   Or Gaming With Your Kids?

   Get Furniture accordingly..
   #Recliners with a Televisiong set up goes well..

   Whereas if the Purpose if Relaxing with Friends then the        
   setup of the Room should be More Informal and comfortable      and sitting more more number of people.

   If You want to make Living room #Kidsfriendly then go for    
   Minimal Furniture... More Of Modular as they are best when it
   comes to spacing out..

3. Later Create A Focal Point of The Room Depending on the Purpose:

When You are done deceiding the purpose of the room, 
create a focal point for the room and move the furniture accordingly around the focal point.

For Instance 

Incase you want to use the Room Primarily as for socialising and games then get a good coffee table and place it in the center of the room. Use it as the Focal point and arrange the furniture around it.

The television area Needs recliners arranged along with side tables right in front...and closer..

The Arrangement of the room plays an important part in creating the starong visual of the room.

4. Create a High Drama Area:

  You Can Create a high drama area or decor corner in the  
  living room which attracts a lot of visual attention.

 This can be done by using
 Decor mirrors..
 Photo frames...
 Decor pieces and articles...
 Vertical lightings...
 A Small #Library..
 Or collection of #Artifacts
 Some decorative furniture which may not be much of utility but  is a classic

 This corner or area will always give a lot of life to the room.
 and also maintain the comfort of the sitting area.

5. Good Division of Room:

 For longer Living rooms, using partition in the rooms helps to divide the room and making an endlessly long looking room a break.

Also the partitions can help the living room divide in different areas like the television area, dining area and seating area..
this way you can provide privacy to each area as well.

There are many types of permanant and temporarily partition which can be used for this purpose....


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